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Tests have shown that the water on Sweetwater is now clear and safe.
Thanks to the tireless work of the Bear Lake Water Company.


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Open Fires, Fireworks, and Firearms

Please remember that there are no outside solid fuel fires, fireworks, or hunting allowed anywhere in the Sweetwater Park HOA area.

The following wording is taken from the official Bylaws of the Sweetwater Park HOA:



Unless approved by the Board, fireworks of any kind are prohibited at all times on all properties in Sweetwater Park. Further, unless approved by the Board, no external solid fuel fires are permitted at any time on any property in Sweetwater Park. This Article does not preclude inside cabin or home solid fuel fireplaces or external fireplace fires for which the sole fuel is propane or natural gas, and for which a quick turnoff valve is immediately nearby.

No hunting or discharge of firearms is permitted at any time in Sweetwater Park.

Please remember that the penalty for violating these rules can include fines up to $1,000/day for each violation.
For additional information, comments, suggestions, questions please contact the
Sweetwater Park Homeowners Association at either of the addresses shown above.
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